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FloridaConQuest Returning
Press Release 1 FloridaConQuest Returning MegaCon 2011 Confirmed Consol Gaming now avaialble


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FloridaConQuest returning

Tired of all the Anime and Comics Conventions? Looking for a Fun Group to spend a weekend with playing all your favorite games?

December 2009 -- Florida ConQuest use to be a large Gaming oriented conventions hosted Bi Annual Convention. We and SEADS LAN party in association with The AIRPGA and the Former hosted of Florida Conquest are in the process of reviving this Convention. We hope to have a small event in mid 2012 and a larger one in 2013. Please join the FloridaConQuest Yahoo Group for information on the future of Florida ConQuest. ...

For More Information Contact:

FloridaCon Quest
5309 W. Broward Blvd. Ste305
Tel: 954-651-3745
FAX: 954-583-5315
Internet: info@seads.com

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The Captain (954) 651-3745 C.H. Productions
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