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Florida ConQuest can offer full service catering, Limited food and snacks, Soda and even a Cash Bar for any Party or Event you may wish to have ...

Key Benefits

  • One Call Does it all
  • Florida ConQuest Conventions services can offer many of your needs in one contract
  • We handle most of your back end needs with our staff freeing up your time to deal with special guests, Event rooms, general guest support

Some of our Offerings

Hot Diner / Meal Catering
Let us cater your event and we can offer an assortment of foods for your guests starting at $50.00 per table hot and cold foods available. Smaller events will have a Smaller price tag as we can use our own staff to manage 1 table at your event. For larger events we can contract and cater your event to feed as many people as you wish. Below are some samples of Tables we can set for your event...


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Con Suite, Maids Café, limited snacks
We can offer limited snacks to your guests such as Chips, Candies, Fruit, Vegetables, cookies, Popcorn, Muffins, etc in what is referred to as a Con Suite. This can be included in your Conventions membership fees or for an additional charge. Or we can go with a limited amount of hot finger foods such as Hotdogs, Chicken Wings, cold sandwiches, finger sandwiches, smokes, hamburger/cheese burger, pretzels, etc and this can be for a small additional fee such as a few dollars for meal combo, 1 Entry, 1 chip, 1 candy, etc for $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 or what ever. This is in the form of a maids café where you would have volunteers dressed in maids out fits serving the guests. This is always a hit for the Younger crowd 13 - 17 and will even draw in older guests for a quick snack and a cutie waitress. :)
Fountain or caned sodas offered Pepsi or Coke products
Let us supply your event with fountain soda machines that are totally Portable for every occasion. You can offer self Serve or charge a fee for sodas at your next event. Either way it is a good way to keep your guest at your locationn knowing they don't have to leave your event just to get a soda.
Cash Bar available for most Events
Would you like to offer alcoholic drinks at your next event? We can help you with that as well. We will subcontract for your event a portable bar with Bartender starting at $300.00 a day plus $16.00 an hour for the Bar tender . (Alcohol Supplied buy Event) or for additional fees we will offer our own line of assorted Liquors, mixes and garnishes.



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To learn more info about our services or to Contract the use of our services please Contact The Captain
The Captain (954) 651-3745 C.H. Productions
 SEADS Services (954) 689-7573 Office
(954) 583-5315 Fax
airpga@bellsouth.net CaptinHD@bellsouth.net

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